What is BIOS?

Basic Input/Output System and furthermore known as the System BIOS, ROM BIOS or PC BIOS is non-unstable firmware used to perform equipment statement amid the booting procedure (control on startup) and to give runtime administrations to working frameworks and programs. The BIOS firmware comes pre-introduced on a PC’s framework load up, and it is the primary programming to run when controlled on.40ad523167dea34b164c1a8462cbec71Read More »

How to create a virus?

Creating a fake harm-less VIRUS:

Here’s an interesting and cool computer trick that you can use to prank your friends with, Creating a Virus! This Virus is absolutely Harm-less  and easy to apply. No damage is done to your data or your computer system, and you can easily deactivate the virus and will be back you the normal settings.



creating a virus
how to create a virus

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Different commands used in CMD

What is CMD (Command Prompt) ?



CMD/Command prompt is a command line interpreter application available in your Systems Operating System. It is used to execute the entered commands. Command Prompt is officially know as “ Windows Command Processor“, other terms used for it are CMD Prompt and Command Shell, Even the term cmd.exe is extensively used.

command prompt and its application
command prompt (CMD)

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