How to Download Codeblocks

Download CodeBlocks on your PC:

There are many ways to Download CodeBlocks on your PC. The simplest way to to Download is to Download the setup file (The Binary release), run it on your computer and CodeBlocks will be installed.


Follow the Steps  given below to download the Codeblocks (IDE):

Step 1: goto

Step 2: Clicks on Downloads.

Step 3: Click on binary Release.

Step 4: Choose your platform (For example: MAC, Windows, Linux)

Step 5: For Windows go parallel to “codeblocks-17.12mingw-setup.exe” and click on “

Step 6: CodeBlocks setup will be downloaded, install and run the IDE.

What is CodeBlocks?

CodeBlocks is an open-source cross-platform IDE that can support many compilers. For example:Visual C++, GCC and CLANG. It is basically developed in C++ using wxWidgets as the GUI toolkit.You can find basic C++ program here and try it out on your newly installed IDE.

Here’s a visual how to download the setup:

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