How to create a virus?

Creating a fake harm-less VIRUS:

Here’s an interesting and cool computer trick that you can use to prank your friends with, Creating a Virus! This Virus is absolutely Harm-less  and easy to apply. No damage is done to your data or your computer system, and you can easily deactivate the virus and will be back you the normal settings.



creating a virus
how to create a virus



To create a fake harmless VIRUS you just need to follow the following steps given below:

first of all you need to download the file on your destktop. The link is given below:


Running the Virus:

once you have downloaded the vbs code on your desktop, open it with your notepad.

  1. goto file and click on save as and name the file as “This PC.vbs” or “My Computer.vbs”. Save as type should be All files. Make sure to save it on your desktop.
  2. Now right click on the vbs code (the file you just saved) and goto “send to” and click on desktop( create shortcut).
  3. Once again goto to the orignal vbs code and click on properties and hide the file.
  4. Now right click on the vbs file (shortcut), goto properties, than goto change icon and select on  the My computer or This PC icon and apply the settings.
  5. Now remove the shortcut written with your file by going to the properties and rename it.
  6. It would now be looking like the shortcut for my computer, sit back and wait for your friends to get pranked!



Stop or Remove the virus:

The program would not end until to stop it properly. Forcing the CD/DVD tray is not the option. You just need to follow the quick steps given below to stop the virus completely:

  1. Goto task manager.
  2. Goto the details tab.
  3. Search for the “wscript.exe” and end the process tree.



Still having quires?  The VIRUS didn’t work?

Watch this video on our YouTube Channel:







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