18 google tricks you must try!

There are many cool things that you can make google do. Most of the people wont know about these or didn’t try them. You can make google do many things other than making it search for your desired content. Here’s a list of 18 different things you can make google do for you!

10 google tricks you must try

List of things you can do:

  • google Sphere

The whole search engine will turn into a sphere and revolve around the “GOOGLE”, all you need to do is to move your cursor to make this happen. you can still search though.

  • Google Underwater

The search page will change into a underwater theme, as soon as you click on the search bar it will drop into the water and will look as if the search bar is drowning.

  • Zerg Rush

Zurg rush is a sort of a game, it seems like the tiny “O’s” seen on your screen are eating/destroying away your internet(search). you can defend by clicking on them. At the end the align all together to from a large “GG” meaning good game.

  •   Google Rainbow

This command changes your google theme, you’ll see rainbows in different texts written on the screen and a huge rainbow above the “GOOGLE”.

  • Elgoog

By typing elgoog everything written will be reversed. Seems like a mirror image of the page.

  • Google in 1980

This command would take you back in time, just kidding. it just shows you how google would have been seen back in 1980. A black screen, giving commands on the DOS and how would it response and look like.

  • Google Gravity

By giving this command google has a major pull by gravity, everything falls down but you can still search. Even your search results will drop and hit the ground.

  • Flip a coin

Ran out of luck? Can’t decide what to do? let google give it a try. Google will flip a coin for you! now all you have to decide what to do if “tails” and what if its “heads”, google made it a bit easier.

  • Epic Google

When you type epic google, “Epic” is written beside google and gradually the screen becomes bigger and bigger.

  • Find Chuck Norris

If you have watched this movie, Chuck might have been your worst nightmare at the time. Google knows who he is and warns you not to search for him, he’ll find you and even gives suggestions for example ” Try someone less dangerous”.

  • Do a barrel roll

feeling bored? well ask google to do a barrel roll. Surprisingly google really does a barrel roll.

  • Google guitar

Now you have a guitar instead of google. you can now play it and even record it.

  • Play breakout on google

You can also type ” atari breakout ” for the same result. Now when you open images all for the images will combine and give you a colorful wall(a type of wall) and you can play the game your mouse/touch-pads. Usually you don’t need to open images, the game starts automatically.

  • Google snake

Here’s another game for you to play, give this command and you will be able to see a game within the google logo. Just click and give it a try.

  • Google pacman

By searching this you’ll be able to play the all time favorite game “PACMAN”.

  • Roll a die

Search this and you can roll a dice. also you’ll be given different options for example rolling multiple number of dice.

  • Google in space

Now google has no gravity, it is in full vacuum. Everything starts to float as if it is really is space.

  • Webdriver torso

This is also an Easter egg of google by typing this you’ll find multiple shapes instead of google written on the top left side of the screen.


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