Hacking Tools – top 10 used for Ethical Hacking.

What is a hacker?

Computer Hacker is any person who is an expert of computer programming and uses his technical skills and knowledge to overcome any computer (software related) based problem.

top 10 hacking tools
hacking tools

There are many types of hackers few of them are mentioned below :-

1: Ethical Hacker (White Hat) : The person who can access the systems in order to get to know the weaknesses and fix them. May also perform vulnerability assessment and penetration testing.

2: Cracker (Black Hat) : A person who gains unauthorized access to the computer systems and use it for personal desires for example transfers funds from different bank accounts.

3: Grey hat : The Grey Hat hacker lies between Ethical and Cracker, the person breaks into the system without any permission/authority, get to know the weaknesses and later than reveals to the owner of the system or the person using it.

4: Phreaker : These types of hackers search for weakness in a telephone instead of a laptop or PC.

5: Script Kiddies : These people are new to hacking or not that experienced and they do not have the skills to create their own tools instead they gain access from the tools that have been already been created/ are available.


What is hacking?

Today in this modern Era, hacking is seen like a crime only, which only means to break into someone’s computer, spy, collect sensitive data and information and mis-use it which could be beneficial to the hacker! Well this is not the case. Yes these thing do happen but hacking can have also a positive impact on the society.

Ethical hacking can prevent many of the attacks and secure your systems by testing or accessing the system, figure out the weaknesses and make your systems and your personal data secure than before. Ethical Hackers can make it difficult for the “Cracker” to gain information or to access your systems.

Here is a list of the top 10 hacking tools used for different purposes :

Hacking Tools:

  • Metasploit:



  • This is a free tool and one of the most popular cyber-security tool which allows you to locate vulnerabilities at different platforms. It is more of an infrastructure rather than an exploit tools that can be used to build your own custom tools.More than 200,000 users and contributors around the globe use this tool and help you to get
    insights and open its “METASPLOIT” framework. Users can build their own tools and get the best out of this hacking tool. Like many other information security tools, Metasploit can be used for both legitimate and unauthorized activities depending on what the person is wanting to do. Metasploit is available for all the major platforms like MAC , Windows and Linux.
  • Nmap:


  • This is a very popular tool which most of you have heard about! Nmap is an abbreviation of “NETWORK MAPPER”. This tool is free open source utility for security auditing OR network exploration. It was basically designed to Nmap rapidly scan large networks, but it also works okay against single host. This tool uses the raw IP packets in novel ways to determine what hosts are available on the network, what services (application name and version) those hosts are offering
    what operating systems/OS versions they are running Nmap is free and open source. Can be used by beginners or by pro’s alike (packet_trace). A very versatile
    tool, once you fully understand the results. The Nmap user community continues to develop and refine the tool.
  • Acunetix


  • Acunetix available for Windows , MAC , Linux. it is a web vulnerability scanner (WVS) that scans and finds out the flaws in a website that could prove fatal!
    this multi-threaded tool-crawls a website and finds out malicious cross-site scripting, SQL , injection , and many other vulnerabilities. this easy and fast tool scans WordPress websites form and more than 1200 vulnerabilities in WordPress. Acunetix comes with a login sequence recorder that allows you to access the password protected areas of the website. Such features have made ACUNETIX WVS
    a popular and preferred hacking tools.


  • Wireshark was originally named as Ethereal. It also comes in a command-line version known as TShark. this is a GTK+-BASED network protocol runs easily on MAC, Windows, Linux. Wireshark is a GTK+-based WIRESHARKNET work protocol analyzer, sniffer, that lets the user capture and interactively browse the contents of network frames. The goal of the project/tool is to create a commercial quality analyzer of Unix and to give Wireshark features are missing from closed-source sniffers.it works great on both Linux and windows’ (with a GUI), easy to use and can reconstruct TCP/IP streams. Wireshark is almost similar to tcpdump but has a graphical-front-end and some additional features like integrated sorting and filtering options. It can perform many features like;
  • 1: Raw USB traffic can be captured
  • 2: For dissecting new protocols new plug-ins can be created.
  • 3: Different networks like loop-back, Ethernet etc live data can be read.                           And many more features!
  • oclHashcat


  • This tool can be downloaded in different versions like MAC , Windows and Linux. if password cracking is what you do on daily basis you would definitely be aware
    of the free password cracking tool Hastcat. while Hashcat is a CPU-based password cracking tool. oclHashcat is its advanced version that uses the power of your GPU.OclHashcat calls it self as the world fastest password cracking tool with worlds first and only GPGPU based engine! now that’s a bit impressive don’t you think?
    for using this advanced tool , NVIDIA users requireForceWare 346.59/later and AMD users require Catalyst 15.7 or later.                                                                                           It offers a lot of attack modes from which it can obtain effective as well as complex coverage over a hash’s key-space, some of them are mentioned below :-
  •  1: Toggle-case Attack.
  •  2: Mask Attack.
  •  3: Brute-force Attack.                                                                                                                   And many more.
  • Nessus Vulnerability Scanner

    Nessus Vulnerability Scanner

  • Nessus Vulnerability Scanner is supported by a variety of platforms including windows 7,8 MAC OS X , and popular Linux Distros like Debian, Ubuntu, Kali Linux etc. This was the top hacking tool of 2016 works with the help of a client-server framework. it was developed by Tenable Network security, the tool is one of the best vulnerability scanner we have still in 2018 and widely being used still! Nessus serves different purposes to different types of users like Nessus home , Nessus professional Nessus Manager and Nessus Cloud.Apart of the above mentioned basic functionalities Nessus could be used to scan multiple networks on IPv4, IPv6 and other hybrid networks. You can set scheduled scan to run at your chosen time and re-scan all or a subsection of previously scanned hosts using selective host re-scanning.
  • Maltego



  • Maltego is a hacking tool available in MAC, Windows , Linux. It is an open source forensics platform that offers rigorous mining and information gathering to paint a
    picture of cyber threats around you. it excels in showing the complexity and severity of the points of failure in your infrastructure and the surrounding
    environment. It is a great hacker tool that analyzes the real world links between people, companies, websites, domains, DNS names, IP addresses, documents.
    based on Java this tool runs in an easy to use GI (graphical interface) with lost customization options while scanning.
  • Social-Engineers toolkit

    Social-Engineers toolkit


  • This tool is supports platforms like MAC and WINDOWS. This toolkit is an advanced framework for simulating multiple types of social engineering attacks like
    credential harvesting , phishing attacks , and more. This python driven tool is the standard tool for social engineering penetration tests with more than two million downloads it automates the attacks and generates disguising emails malicious web pages and more.
  • Nessus Remote Security Scanner

    Nessus remote security scanner


  • Recently it went from open to closed source but again but is essentially free. It works with a client-server framework, it is the world most popular vulnerability scanner used in over 75000 organizations world-wide. Many large organizations are realizing significant cost savings by using Nussus to audit business critical enterprise device and applications.
  • Kismet



  • It is an 802.11 layer2 wireless network detector, sniffer, and an intrusion detection system. Kismet will work with any wireless card which supports raw monitoring (rfmon) mode, and can sniff 802.11a , 802.11g traffic. A good wireless tool as long as your card supports rfmon.


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