Super Computers

A supercomputer is a type of machine that can have the ability to do a high level of computational operations as compared to normal computers.In the early time, the super machines are simple in design but they are fast enough at that time also. They are compact in design with parallel to each other. But at that time there was a problem going on with reading and writing data stored in main memory. So as time passes by this problem solved with the better performance and machine has the ability to run at higher clock speed time interval.In the 1970s the first supermachine (ILLIAC’s) was being challenged in its performance. The processors in this machine worked together to solve larger problems. This machine can stream data as quickly as possible. The concept was that the machine can store separate parts of data to different processors and then recombines that data to conclude results. The design od ILLIAC’s was finalized in 1966with the highest performance with 250 processors capability that can offer speed up to 1GFLOPS.But as “technology never gets old”, these super machines are big in designs. In early 1980s teams were working on parallel designs and doing some research they developed Connection Machine(CM) with 65,536 microprocessors to share data as quickly as possible.

Research reports:

  • In April 2002, a Japanese supercomputer that contains 5,104 processors established a calculation speed record of 35,600 gigaflops (a gigaflop is one billion mathematical calculations per second).
  • This exceeded the old record that was held by the ASCI White-Pacific supercomputer located at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in Berkeley, California.
  • The Livermore supercomputer, which is equipped with over 7,000 processors, achieves 7,226 gigaflops.

The first successful supercomputer, the Sage System CDC 6600 which was designed in 1964 by Seymour Cray( founder of cray corporation).This Super machine had a speed of about 9 megaflops which was the fastest speed at that time but as far slower with nowadays.Supercomputers are way more fastest than a normal computer. For Example, A detail world map, weather map would take much time (even days) to compile on a normal computer but on supercomputers it is done in just a few minutes.Supercomputers are playing a major role in today’s technology that is DNA computing.Supercomputers also used in quantum computing technology. Quantum computing (properties of atoms and nuclei).Quantum computer has the capability of doing work on different digits of the number at the same time and makes partial results to reach one single answer.Supercomputers in Japan was built for the global climate change, global warming, and earthquakes.supercomputers significantly exceed the capabilities in less than a year older; by 2012 the fastest supercomputer was more than 250,000 times faster than the fastest in 1993 in terms of the number of calculations per second it could complete. But Supercomputers needs electrical power and many use refrigerators and water for cooling.In 2003 scientists at Virginia Tech assembled a relatively low-cost supercomputer using 1,100 dual-processor Apple Macintoshes; it was ranked at that time the third-fastest machine in the world.

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